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Collect – Adventures – Build

Game will be launched this Summer!


We build a Great following in less than a month



Tradable NFT


5 Ways to Earn Money

HoA coin

Investing in the Token

Investing in NFT

People can Play and Make Profit

Renting System

Earn passive income with your NFTs

Stake governance Token & Make Passive Income

Arcan Token

Our governance Token has a Decreasing Supply and when staked give you Passive Income from the players in the game (when they deposit and withdraw money).

Token will Decrease Every Time they will Create a New Tool (which is mandatory to improve in the game) :

  • when they Swap
  • when they Deposit/Withdraw
  • when they Craft & Blend
  • when they Do Quest
  • when we Buyback & Burn

When player will create Gemstone to craft New Object, it will need some $ARCAN and Arcarnyx (ARCX), our in game currency.
The $ARCAN used will be burnt and the supply will decreased

Staking $ARCAN will also give you passive income on players actions!


We have the Goal to be the Number 1 Game on WAX Blockchain

The Project that is Number 1 made about $200,000,000 in trading volume only for NFT

That let us a Big Market Opportunity to get Players and try to Reach this Number

As Seen On

More than  40 influencers have talked about us

Our Private Sale was a Huge Success despite the market
(we launched during the Luna Crash)

More than  120 investors with an average investment of $1500

It’s more that what we planned

The Game Development is almost done!

If you want to be One of the Earliest Investor

You can get the Arcan Token for $0.35
when the token will be listed at $0.7$ !

Vesting (12.5% + 7 months 12.5%)
It will be reduced based on what we sell

Amazing Lottery

We Know You Love Gifts!

So we Decide to do a 100% Winning Lottery

No matter how much you invest you can have a chance of winning an Ipad, Iphone, Ledgers Keys and 3 NFTS that are super HOT !

  • Rumble Kongs
  • Nikekicks RTFKT
  • Adidas Bored APE

Depending on your investment amount  you will get more tickets, so more chances to win !

That’s a way for us to Innovate in the way of doing ICO and the same way we will innovate in the Play and Earn Industry !

To Get your Arcan you just have to click on the link below and Create your Account

Then you could Invest with


  • EUR
  • USD


  • USDT
  • BUSD
  • BNB


  • WAX




You can send the funds via a CEX or a DEFI wallet !

We decided to make it the easier for you!

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